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Stone-Hearted and Souless is the newest poetry book from Ronald Eayre. It was published on November 26th, 2015. It is a book of poetry based on Life, death, Love and Loss. The poems in here are their own stories, each talking about a run-in with the stone-hearted and soulless. This is about life and the horrific things that can happen.


     Welcome to the Home Page of my revived website. I am a freelance article writer who self publishes poetry books. While I am passionate about poetry, my focus has always been fiction. I wrote a short horror themed multiple ending book that is for sale, but right now I am working on my debut novel. Info on my debut novel can be found hereYou can also click on the name of the book you are interested in at the top of the page and go to that book's own page. I hope you enjoy your stay and keep on reading.

     Ronald Eayre was born in Toms River, New Jersey. He had been fascinated by writing at a young age. He had worked as a cook for a few years and then in retail for nearly five years. Keep Reading...