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Phantom Estate

     This is a choose your own way adventure book. You and a friend decide to head to a traveling carnival. While there you see a mysterious attraction called Phantom Estate. Once inside will you be able to find your way out?


          After a little bit of walking and looking around you decide to check and see if they any more adventurous rides. As you and your friend are walking you notice a cool looking roller coaster. It has a loop and everything. You turn to your friend and say, “so you want to try that ride?”

          Your friend replies, “Definitely. I need to use the bathroom first though.”

          You laugh at him and say, “There was a port-a-potty a few minutes back that way.” You point the direction you came from.

          Your friend runs off yelling, “Be right back!”

          You chuckle to yourself and head for the closest bench. Before you can sit down you hear a raspy voice behind you. “Looking for adventure, are you?”

          You jump and turn around. “What? How did-” You stammer out.

          The old man in tattered clothes, a patched up jacket and an old straw hat starts again. “You see this old house behind me, sonny? It has more adventure in it than an ordinary person sees in their lifetime. Let me guess, you tried the lame “haunted” cart ride and are wanting something more exciting.”

          You respond, “Well, actually yeah. How did you know that?”

          The old man replies, “No one likes that old thing. Now this is the only haunted ride you’ll ever have to try, sonny.”