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Stone-Hearted and Soulless

     A book of poetry based on Life, death, Love and Loss. The poems in here are their own stories, each talking about a run-in with the stone-hearted and soulless. This is about life and the horrific things that can happen. Through this path you will see the dark side of humanity. Will you take a journey into the darkness?

Crumbling Abyss

As they stop and stare into the vast sky,

the one feeling that all humans tie.

The immense blue cover acts like a shield,

the humans go back to offices and fields.

Each in their own existence called reality,

each more important than the next normality.

So as they say the world moves forward,

a meteor sets a path to earth straightforward.

As usual the people go on with life,

the rock cuts the cover like a knife.

Looking at the flaming rock that now exists,

the impact creates a crumbling abyss.

Life on the planet has surely come to an end,

new life will begin and the planet will mend.

The cycle, curse or blessing will always restart,

the tiny, blue planet will get a fresh start.